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Claire Coates, MS, AT, ATC, CES, WFS
University of Michigan

Historical Committee Chair

Alex Dailey MEd, AT, ATC

The Honors and Awards committee is chaired by Claire Coates, MS, AT, ATC and has the following Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain the Hall of Fame.

  2. Coordinate with History and Archives Chairperson a record of all Michigan award and scholarship winners from the NATA, District and Michigan.

  3. Communicate the guidelines to the membership (in the fall newsletter) of the selection process for prospective Hall of Fame, Distinguished Athletic Trainer and Service Awards candidates.

  4. Distribute biographical data sheets to all nominees.

  5. Collect and review all biographical data sheets.

  6. Submit a list to the Executive Board of all nominees for the purpose of discussing and selecting the recipient(s) for the awards. Identify for the Executive Board previous award winners who may be eligible for nomination of District and National awards.

  7. Present award(s) [NATA, District and State] at the Annual Golf Outing/Hall of Fame dinner.

  8. Provide Certificates of Appreciation to recipients identified by the Executive Board, and to Committee Chairpersons upon resignation.

  9. Prepare memorial resolutions for the newsletter.

  10. Coordinate any MATS Scholarship Award.

The Michigan Athletic Trainers Society awards the following honors.  Click on the award title to learn more.

Dr. Shingles DEI Award

Hall of Fame

Distinguished Athletic Trainer

Athletic Training Service Award

Secondary School Athletic Trainer Award

Outstanding Young Professional


For award criteria, please view application material HERE


Applications must be electronically submitted NO LATER THAN March 31. If you have any questions, please email

2023 Honors and Awards Recipients


Pictured above left to right, President John Ciecko, Dr. Blaine Long, Dr. Rene Revis Shingles, Fmr. President Gretchen Goodman, Shari Oole, and Jim Winkler. 

Kayla Phillps and President John Ciecko.jpg

Kayla Phillps and President John Ciecko

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