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Benjamin Hagge, AT, ATC


The Public Relations Committee performs the following Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for all activities necessary to promote MATS, its members, and the profession of athletic training in Michigan.

  2. Work to provide information and representation from the MATS to all state medical organizations and various special interest groups.

  3. Generate and maintain MATS public relations display and video, printed materials, and photographs.

  4. Supply available public relations materials, display booth, and video to members of MATS for meetings and clinics to enhance the awareness of athletic training and MATS.

  5. Works in conjunction with the District IV and NATA public relations chairs on common projects to promote the profession of Athletic Training.

  6. Identify and coordinate press releases for the promotion of athletic trainers and MATS members.

  7. Assist all committees with the marketing of new programs and projects.

  8. Coordinate all media coverage undertaken by MATS.

  9. Pursue bids and designs of image and logo for materials to promote MATS to present for Executive Board approval.

  10. Employment considerations
         a. Enhance the awareness and the necessity for certified athletic trainers in all practice settings  that fall within the domains of athletic training.
         b. Submit a list of educational concerns annually to PEC for  inclusion of ideas for the educational conference.
         c. Submit articles and/or committee reports in each newsletter on or before the deadline.
         d. Identify and notify the executive council of relevant issues in all employment settings that are of district or national scope.

Current Goals

  • Improve grassroots public relations among MATS members, especially during March;

  • Facilitate recognition of National Athletic Training Month (NATM) efforts at the MATS, GLATA, and NATA level;


Long-Term Goals

  • Maintain an active role on the GLATA PR Committee;

  • Maintain current text, documents, etc. on the new MATS website;

  • Play an active role on the GLATA Public Relations Committee;

  • Update current public relations documents at the MATS, GLATA, and NATA levels

  • Maintain at least 2-3 annual PR committee meetings/conference calls;

  • Maintain the reputation of the MATS website as an up-to-date resource for MATS members;

  • Facilitate communications regarding Athletic Training Licensure in the state of Michigan;

  • Respond to the needs of health care and athletic training in Michigan 

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What did you do to promote the profession of Athletic Training in the month of March?

Please contact Benjamin Hagge ( with your NATM Activities.

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