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Steve Smith, DAT, MPA, AT, ATC

Steve Smith.jpeg

I am grateful to have served as the Vice President of the Michigan Athletic Trainers Society over this past year. In 2021 I was able to step in and fill the vacant position and would like to continue on by serving a two year term of my own. The experience I have gained over the past year has been invaluable and has prepared me to function at a high level in this role. I pride myself on being a highly motivated forward thinking individual with a passion to serve the profession of athletic training. This desire has been cultivated throughout my career by inspirational mentors who have served in active leadership roles in our state’s organization. Now, it’s my turn. With the utmost professionalism, it would my great pleasure to serve as Vice President and help further the goals of the Michigan Athletic Trainers Society


Emily Aaron

Aaron, Emily.jpg

As a female young professional working in a traditional athletic training setting, I have had the benefit of many mentors in my career. My goal is to be able to reciprocate everything they have taught me and progress into becoming a mentor for others. These mentors have encouraged me to become involved in athletic training professional organizations. As a young professional, I understand the difficulty and
hesitation of the initial involvement in these professional organizations. This position would be a great opportunity for me to get more involved in the Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society, while also helping to get more young professionals involved as well.
I am a detail-oriented, rooted in policy and procedural aspects. My daily interactions with athletic teams, coworkers, administrators, and physicians requires a diverse communication skillset. This has allowed me to become proficient in multiple avenues of communication and ensure I am well organized. I am a critical thinker, respectful of others opinions and ideologies. These skillsets would allow me to bring a fresh opinion and new ideas to MATS. After growing up in Michigan, I decided to complete some of my education here and move back to the state to continue my career. I want to be able to help an organization and membership that has helped me get to the point where I am today. I am still early in my athletic training career, but this opportunity would provide me the chance to continue to grow, diversify my experiences, and meet other athletic trainers in the state of Michigan. The Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society Secretary position would be an excellent opportunity for me to become involved in a volunteer capacity to help support the profession as it continues to grow.


Alex Dailey, MEd, AT, ATC, CES, CSCS, PES


Throughout these years as Secretary (and even as a Regional Representative), I have been extremely grateful to serve MATS and the Athletic Training profession.  In these times of challenge and strife, listening and understanding how Athletic Trainers (and the patients we serve) are adversely affected allows for dialogue for improvement within our profession.  We, as an organization, want to continue to grow the profession, along with providing information and resources to help advance Athletic Trainers and serve the patients we care for.  That way, Athletic Trainers from various settings can collaborate to voice the direction of Athletic Training and patient care.  An example of collaboration involves having the opportunity to work together in a DEI workgroup with fellow MATS members and valued the expertise and experiences that each individual brought to the discussions.  If voted upon, I would be honored to continue serving Athletic Trainer and the patients we work with in the great state of Michigan.


Gabrielle R Bass

Gabby Bass.jpg

My name Gabrielle Bass, I am a young professional Athletic Trainer in the secondary and physician setting. I graduated from CMU in May of 2018. I have been the head Athletic Trainer for St. Louis High
School in St. Louis, MI for the past three years. I also work in the physician setting as I am an Athletic Trainer for Cox Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery where I work alongside an Orthopedic
Surgeon at his practice. I would like to become more involved with the administrative side of athletic training, and be able to help other athletic trainers reach the leaders of our profession at the state
level to help foster improvement and change to better our profession.


Martha Munsell AT, ATC


Working in the secondary school setting for 18 years has given me the opportunity to work with different individuals within the profession of athletic training. My interest to get more involved with MATS, by running for the South Central Lower Peninsula Regional Representative position on the MATS E-Board will give me the chance to work with other ATs across the state to help promote and advance the profession of athletic training. I look forward to working with other athletic trainers in my region and across the state.


Ryan Rompola DAT, AT, ATC

Ryan Rompola.jpeg

After moving to Michigan, I received an email inviting me to join the Indiana Athletic Trainer Associations Young Professional Committee. As I had to decline the invitation, the sender wrote back and challenged me to become an active member of my new states association. Previously, I enjoyed promoting athletic training through NATA Hit the Hill Day and Advocacy Day at the Statehouse. It was based on that call to action that I volunteered for the MATS Inclusion and Diversity Work Group. This July, I was promoted to the Supervisor of Sports Medicine at Henry Ford Allegiance; with my new role, I look forward to devoting my time to advancing leadership to volunteer for committees and professional associations.

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